Boone Run Farms is all about sharing good health through good food. We intend on achieving this for both us and those of you who wish to share this journey with us. 

Each day as I walked our dogs around the property I became more and more alarmed about the conditions of the soil, and the serious erosion taking place. The sprays necessary for conventional farming were being washed into the creek. Current farm practices were breaking down soils and killing our bees. One can only imagine what it was doing to our own health.

Time for a new plan! Our dream is to put the entire farm back into pasture that will put a stop to erosion. Sprays will be a thing of the past. As hard as it was to stop renting the land out we needed to find a new way to make use of this farm. . By using rotational grazing methods that will increase soil fertility and restore the land to its former glory. It is hoped that you will join us in this journey and witness the changes in the farm as we grow together.