Grass Fed Beef

In keeping with our mission of having heritage breeds we have chosen to raise Galloway cattle. The Galloway is one of the world's longest established breeds of cattle. Named after the Galloway region of Scotland their thick double coat is great for our Canadian winters. They are raised as stress free as possible although there is some excitement around here when it is time to move on to the new pasture each day. That is because everyone knows that the grass is always greener on the other side. Our cows are only fed grass and hay just like mother nature intended. We know each one of our cows by name and chose them with care to carry on their heritage breed characteristics. The beef is lean and flavourful and promises to be the best tasting beef to cross your plate. We don't need to tell you that our beef is hormone free and naturally grown. They help our environment instead of destroying it. Our beef is processed humanly at a local government inspected facility.